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MentorBox – Connect to incredible mentors at a fraction of the cost

January 15, 2019
One of the fundamental parts of success is learning. One can never outgrow the need for learning. Fortunately, there are various sources of learning and one of which is reading. It takes you to a different dimension. Not to mention, reading is one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to learn. All you need to do is to choose the book you are most interested in and cultivate your own learning.

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Many successful entrepreneurs are wide readers. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft read a total of 50 books a year. If you are like him, then you surely have a garden of knowledge. What if you don’t like reading? What if you are too busy to read? Can you still cultivate your garden of knowledge? The answer is yes. It is made possible through MentorBox.

MentorBox is a subscription service that enables you to connect to incredible mentors at a fraction of a cost. We all know that hiring a mentor comes with an expensive price tag. MentorBox has come up with a way to learn directly from incredible authors and thinkers in an engaging and fun way. It is called MentorBox because subscribers will receive a box filled with information beneficial in various aspects of life, especially business and self-development.

With MentorBox, you get to receive carefully handpicked reading materials every month. You can have it delivered to you online or to your doorsteps. MentorBox works well with a panel of advisors to make sure you get to receive high-quality learning materials. Subscribers are guaranteed that they will be receiving a high-quality box every month.

The box contains not only reading materials but also educational videos and audios. There are cheat sheets and memory retention booklets which serve as the reader’s guide to sorting out the key points of every reading material and help them retain what they learned. The box contains a corresponding reference book so that readers can dig deeper into the topics that caught their attention.

The geniuses behind MentorBox

MentorBox is the product of two geniuses; Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez. These two gentlemen were successful in their field of interest. Alex Mehr is a former NASA scientist and has been successful in launching a total of 30 companies. On the other hand, Tai Lopez is a successful entrepreneur, self-help guru, and a social media influencer. Their collaborative effort has made MentorBox one of the largest book shipping clubs not only in the United States but in the world.